Provable ID Policy

Our hopes and objectives

To put in place a central system for positively verifying the identity of all UK residents for a limited number of specific purposes.

A database to verify identification will be set up, with strict conditions of access.  A secure portal will be provided for recognised banks, police stations and when necessary, polling stations.

Our Plans

The majority of people already have government issued photo ID such as a passport or driving licence.  For those without, a government issued ID card will be available to purchase. The minimum of information needed to verify these documents at the point of use will be stored in the database.

All ID checks will be logged for a limited time. Access to the logged events, and the database itself, will not be possible by government departments, with the exception of the security services and under limited and controlled circumstances, the police.

Landlords and employers required to verify an ID will be able to do so at a police station for a fee.  In return, the landlord or employer will have no responsibility in the event an ID proves false or misused.


There are several areas where it is necessary to ask someone to prove their right to complete a transaction in the United Kingdom.  They include buying or renting a property or opening a bank account.  We will be adding voting to this list. The problem is the difficulty in quickly and positively checking any proffered ID, as no accessible system exists that allows this.