Industrial Policy and Energy

Our hopes and objectives

Creating an environment which allows industry to thrive in the international marketplace, by ensuring a secure and affordable energy supply which balances these priorities with concerns about pollution.

Our Plans

Energy security requires sufficient UK energy production in the rapidly changing international political context of middle east conflict and Russian domination of the European gas markets. All forms of energy production have environmental costs and benefits. Abundant, reliable and affordable energy generates the wealth which makes high quality environmental protection affordable.

In partnership with industry, gas production licenses will fund high quality technical education, industrial training and infrastructure development, as well as community environmental initiatives ensuring public participation in protecting Britain’s local heritage as well as our global future.


Britain’s wind and solar facilities produce on average 20% of their 30,000 MW installed capacity. Due to their intermittent energy production, hydrocarbon baseload capacity is essential to maintain grid stability and underpin domestic and industrial needs. Natural gas is the clean option for generating at all scales close to the point of use, thus minimising line losses. North sea gas production is in decline, onshore production will have to replace it as a bridge to future technological developments.