Education Policy

Our hopes and objectives

We believe that the future this country relies first and foremost on a suitably educated population, which requires a well-structured education system across all age ranges.

We will ensure that all stakeholders are engaged with our educational policy to provide a fit for purpose system of education.

Our Plans

The current target that 50% of school leavers should attend university will be broadened to include vocational training.  The target itself will be re-assessed based on future needs.

A new scheme will be introduced to pay the fees of students studying to join the teaching professions and NHS, in return for them signing a contract to take up suitably related post-graduate employment within the UK for a period of not less than five years.

We will work to reduce the cost of further education to the student, not only by reducing the level of fees but also the way in which courses are structured and the period over which they are taught. Significant attention will be applied to the providers of higher education. Levels of pay for senior management will be reviewed.

In recognition of the rapidly changing work environment that discards old skills for new at an ever-increasing rate, adult education will be made more broadly and widely available. The benefits system will be adjusted to encourage the acquisition of new skills.

It is an important part of adapting to the world that students of all ages are exposed to dissonant views. The current practice of no-platforming of certain views will therefore be banned in all educational establishments, particularly universities.

Formal testing will be reviewed with the intention of reducing it, particularly for pupils aged 14 and under.

We will instigate a review into age appropriate curriculum content, to be led by education experts and teachers.