Economic Approach

Big government makes people small. That is why The Compass Party believes that government should be kept as small as possible. Government should also take as little as possible of what people earn whilst maintaining those core public services that, in the interests of the country, are best delivered by the state.

Beyond core public services, the market in many instances is a better indicator of what people want than that planned centrally by Government. Therefore The Compass Party is a proponent of low tax, as encouraging businesses and nurturing entrepreneurial endeavour are fundamental to a thriving economy.

However, there are people who are unfortunate and suffer calamities, medical or otherwise, that reduce or even preclude their continued participation in financially productive lives. The Compass Party will therefore oversee a social safety net. However, decent hardworking people are concerned about the abuse of the benefits system depriving deserving people their support. Indeed, it would not be appropriate to take money from people who earn it and allow it to fund life choices of those who can be economically autonomous as opposed to being dependent on taxpayers.

Opportunity should therefore be available equitably to all citizens. Equality should be about equality of opportunity and not necessarily of outcomes as we recognise that endowment of skills and abilities is a biological variable.

To that end, The Compass Party will propose a department to oversee worklessness regardless of individual circumstances and introduce schemes to reduce it by matching ability and competence to motivation and training, while benefits will be guaranteed but purely as a safety net.

The economy is at the heart of The Compass Party. The distinction of The Compass Party lies, however, in its commitment to enabling even the least able in society to realise their full potential. Common sense with compassion.

That is respect for human dignity.

This is the ethos of The Compass Party through every portfolio and in every policy – enabling endeavour, protecting national interests and evincing leadership of the United Kingdom to the rest of the world.