Launch Newsletter

It’s an exciting day!

Welcome to the Launch Edition of the Compass Newsletter! A new logo similar to our ‘Sovereign’ logo reflects our party now registered with the Electoral Commission as a national party under the new name of The Compass Party.  We are now open for membership!  Everything else continues – our Team, our policies, our principles, and our new and unique approach to politics – but now operate under the Compass Party.  Thank you all for staying with us while we reached this point, which represents the important start of a different approach to politics in the United Kingdom.

When it was decided that the people of the United Kingdom were to be given a referendum to leave or remain in the European Union, a GP started tweeting about the patriotic reasons, the liberating effects and the benefits of leaving the EU. Soon, the unassuming doctor was followed by a growing band of like-minded people and six of those ardent pro-Brexit supporters from all over the country agreed to meet in Leicester on 11th November 2017.

Without fanfare, they started the Sovereign Movement to reflect not only an independent Britain but also a post-Brexit United Kingdom that embraces the opportunities of a vibrant nation trading freely with the whole world.

Soon more people joined the Sovereign Team and together they began producing their newsletter and contributed their ideas on a wide range of policies that address the current deficiencies and flaws. The bywords that underpin the policies – Transparency, Accountability, Patriotism, Integrity and Equality – are consistent with a compassionate and law-abiding free society.

As the Sovereign Movement drew national support, the founders applied to the Electoral Commission for registration as a political party but despite various attempts, the name Sovereign was refused. Finally, the Electoral Commission approved the new name – The Compass Party!

We are still growing, of course, but none of us are career politicians. We are ordinary citizens with real lives and occupations giving our time and resources freely to build the Compass Party into a credible and worthy political force to represent all decent citizens. We therefore need not only a large membership but also more people to join the Team to operate successfully a growing organisation.

Over the coming weeks, Team Compass will be setting out a programme of activities. These will include discussions on social media and also at “Come Reason With Us” meetings in various public venues across the country. The programme will culminate in a launch meeting to be held on the 7th September 2019 in Badminton, Gloucestershire.

Do come and join the Compass Party!

Compass. Leading the direction for a reinvigorated, self-confident and prosperous Britain!

Team Compass

15th June 2019