Team Compass

Dr Teck Khong. Founder and Party leader
“From Health to Wealth, my mission is to serve the people of the United Kingdom with wisdom and humility.”

Introducing the Team

Ioan Anthony (Team Member)

Mike Beech (Agriculture and Farming)
“A believer in true democracy and the will of the people.”

John Biggs (Team Member)
“I believe Justice has to be the same for all, equally applied lest we create division, without Justice there is no Law and Order.”

Stephen Bradshaw (Team Member)

Charles Cawley (Communications)

Paul Dobson (Team Member)

Mark Fox (Deputy Leader)
“To enable everyone in the UK to realise their full potential and to ensure no-one is left behind.”

Andrew Havery (Party Treasurer)

Tom Healey (Team Member)

Thomas Howell (Team Member)

Anthony Kelly (Party Coordinator)
“Free speech absolutist advocate, hate speech laws have no place in a free, democratic, society.”

Margaret Pepper (Housing)
“I want my country back”

Peter Messenger (Team Member)

John Seaton (Housing)
“I believe in the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom, our Democratic right to govern ourselves and the right of the people’s voices to listened to, that our elected officials should be working for the people not themselves.”

Richard Short (Team Member)

John Sutherland (Nominating Officer)
“Let democracy flourish by encouraging everyone to say how they want to be governed, and enable it.”

Ian Whittaker (Finance)

Chris Wightman (Fishing)

Henry Wills-Cole (Team Member)