Health and Social Care

A Forward Vision of Our Health and Social Care Systems

Ever since its inception, the NHS has not only been the mainstay of British healthcare, it is also integral to welfare system. Today, the NHS is so dominant that it even underpins social care provisions and is inextricably linked to the benefits system. Indeed, it is salutary to remember that when William Beveridge wrote his report, Social Insurance and Allied Services, he identified squalor, ignorance, want, idleness and disease as the impediments to national vibrancy. However, little did he realise that not only was the composition of the British population to become diversified, the advance of science has also raised expectations as well as increased demand while technological developments created new wants. At the same time, political pressures have distorted the parameters of the benefits system resulting in criticisms of its weaknesses.

Funding to sustaining services is often waste and inefficiencies are overlooked or ignored. With personnel playing a key part in delivery of services, it is important that policies take into account such matters as competence, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.

The Compass Party will advance the welfare state to reflect the wishes of the British society with policies that are necessary and appropriate. In modernising health and social care, The Compass Party is uniquely supported by vital experience, frontline expertise and unrivalled insight.

Simply putting more money into any service system without addressing weaknesses, deficiencies and flaws is not the best way to improve it. Both the health and the social care systems are no exceptions. Personnel are essential to the integrity of any service. The Compass Party will therefore engage with colleges, academies, universities and relevant regulatory organisations on a new standards policy. Importantly, The Compass Party will review the ethos of medical education, training and retention with all provider organisations to ensure there is a shift toward a culture of professional autonomy where the pursuit of excellence is unfettered by micromanagement and where common sense is the basis for the exhibition of innovative flair. This ethos is so desperately needed especially in the context of championing compassionate patient care and advancing the science of treatment.

From the frontline of service delivery, it is well known that there are a huge number of anomalies. While the GP is the ideal professional to certify short-term self-limiting conditions for absence from work or major catastrophic life-changing events, many longer term conditions either deteriorate over time or are successfully ameliorated by medical interventions. The certification of absence and return to familiar work is often not a matter that can be satisfactorily addressed by the GP, while the issue of retraining for another occupation occasioned by suboptimal recovery is a matter that The Compass Party will address with a series of proposals.

The Compass Party is committed to tackling inequality of opportunity, encouraging and supporting personal endeavour, and restoring hope and dignity,

In the time as a doctor in the NHS, I have witnessed an inexorable decline in the calibre of its management. Indeed, that the NHS continues to deliver its services albeit and often with a struggle against the impediments it faces is a testament to the dedication of frontline staff. For the patient, antiquated service configuration and inappropriate use of financial incentives for clinicians to achieve often useless targets conspire against obtaining the full potential of a service pledged to deliver the best.

It is an honour to be given the privilege to contribute my experience in many aspects of British life to the development of a patriotic party that serves the decent and hardworking people of our country.

I am confident that The Compass Party will not only achieve what it promises but it will by virtue of participation of the broad cross-section of British people exceed all expectations.