About us

The Compass Party represents a remarkable journey of democracy. Brought together through the social media by a doctor, a group of public-spirited people established the Sovereign Movement in November 2017 in the wake of the EU Referendum. Its founders, steadfast in their patriotism, are dedicated not only to the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and its independence from the European Union but also to the restoration of integrity in public life, transparency and accountability of government and equality in society.

As the Sovereign Movement grew, it was only natural that it became a political platform of unity for the British people. Sovereign applied to the Electoral Commission to be registered as the Sovereign Party but the name was declined. ‘Compass’ was chosen and finally approved. Indeed, the new name Compass is truly totemic in reflecting both the core principles and the wider, long-term ambition of Sovereign for the United Kingdom.

The confidence of the Compass Party in Britain is no less impressive. Compass is committed through its policies to a reaffirmation of British ascendancy in the world economy by focusing on the promotion of enterprise, investment in education, leadership in science and upholding the law in protecting our freedoms.

At an individual level, Compass is passionate about social harmony, respect for personal autonomy and dignity for every citizen.

Join and support the Compass Party for a better and brighter Britain!

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